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The CPAs and accountants at Leonard & Associates, CPA PLLC provide veterinary accounting, tax reduction planning, and consulting to practices in Charlotte. What sets us apart from other CPA firms is our extensive experience working in this particular segment of the healthcare industry. We stay on top of industry trends and issues so we know exactly how to manage tax obligations and conquer financial challenges for veterinarians.

We handle all the accounting and bookkeeping for busy veterinarians like you and provide the accurate reporting you need in order to watch where your money is going. The essential financial data we provide will allow you to easily track expenses, control costs, and manage cash flow better. We'll set up online bill-paying to save you time and will save you money by creating a comprehensive tax planning strategy to claim all the deductions you deserve at tax time. Our goal is to provide the support and attention your veterinary practice needs to improve accounting efficiencies and increase profits so you’re free to concentrate on your life’s work – helping animals.

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Veterinary Practice Accounting

veterinary accounting servicesAt Leonard & Associates, CPA PLLC, we offer intelligent accounting solutions for all types of veterinary practices. Equipped with an experienced team of accountants and a holistic approach, we’re ready to provide the accounting solutions and tax planning techniques that will save your practice money and maximize your profits.

When you sign on as our client, we'll carefully examine your finances and implement the industry's best accounting practices. We’ll take tedious bookkeeping tasks off your hands, prepare budgets and financial statements, and find ways to increase cash flow. With our assistance and advice, your veterinary practice will be economically sound, run smoothly, and maintain profitability in the face of financial challenges. Our comprehensive accounting support will free up more time for you to work with animals so you can enjoy running your practice and succeed at doing what you love.

Accounting services for veterinarians:

Cloud Accounting Services

cloud accountingLeonard & Associates, CPA PLLC shows veterinarians how to leverage technology to manage their finances with cloud accounting. When you become our client, we'll help you make a seamless transition to a user-friendly cloud accounting system that offers 24/7 access to your financial data.

Using a cloud-based accounting system has many advantages. This technology allows us to oversee your transactions and keep your finances organized and error-free throughout the year. Here's how it works: you make your own accounting entries but avoid the hassle of sending large accounting files back and forth with our office because we can login to review them anytime. This convenient system saves time and provides access to your financials anytime day or night so you'll always have the information you need to make important business decisions.

Cloud-based accounting for veterinarians:

  • Setting up your accounting software on the cloud
  • Determining the correct chart of accounts for your specific business
  • Mapping accounts to save money on tax preparation
  • Creating templates for invoices, purchase order, and statements
  • Setting up online downloads from financial institutions

Online Bill Paying

online bill payingVeterinary practices and animal hospitals would rather spend their days treating patients, not paying bills. To effectively manage this essential aspect of your business, outsource your bill paying to Leonard & Associates, CPA PLLC. With our convenient online bill paying services, you’ll spend less time managing back-office responsibilities and more time running your business.

Our proven online bill paying solutions are accurate, affordable, and will keep the financial side of your business running smoothly. Forget dealing with stamps, checks, envelopes, and hours lost on tedious data entry! Our capable staff will process invoices and set up ACH payments or mail paper checks to your vendors while you spend your time doing what you do best, working with animals. With us on your team, you'll be confident that your bills are up to date and are being paid correctly throughout the year. And, you’ll always know where your money is going because we’ll keep you informed with detailed reports.

Bill paying services for veterinarians:

  • Outsourced billing management
  • Processing invoices
  • Setting up ACH payments
  • Weekly and monthly billing reports

Tax Planning for Veterinarians

Charlotte tax planning servicesMany accountants only show up at tax time but effectively minimizing tax liabilities for you and your veterinary practice requires an experienced financial professional that's on the job twelve months out of the year. At Leonard & Associates, CPA PLLC, we build strong relationships with our clients by maintaining consistent communication and working year-round to prepare for tax season. We’re constantly watching for changes in the tax code that will reduce taxes for our clients and we’re always available to discuss concerns when a financial decision might have tax implications.

At year end, we use progressive tax preparation techniques to find every deduction, break, and incentive to reduce your taxes while keeping your practice in compliance with current regulations. When we prepare and file your taxes you won’t have any unwanted surprises at tax time and you’ll avoid errors that could put you in the doghouse with the IRS. You can rely on us to do all the legwork and will make the whole process easy and painless. Don’t wait until the next tax deadline approaches, start planning now to save money on this year’s taxes.

Tax services for veterinary practices:

  • Strategic tax planning for veterinary practices
  • Business tax preparation
  • Individual tax returns for veterinarians
  • Business succession planning

Tax Coaching

tax coaching for veterinariansAs a veterinarian, your passion is working with animals, not working with numbers. To maximize business profits and personal wealth, you need the expertise and sound guidance of a skilled tax coach like Leonard & Associates, CPA PLLC. Our team is highly successful at tax coaching for veterinary practices and their owners and will save you significant money on your business and personal taxes. We offer an integrated approach to tax planning that looks at your entire financial picture to recommend comprehensive tax strategies that will reduce your overall tax burden.

When we become your tax coach, we work with you to create a plan designed to minimize taxes through proactive planning. We'll make sure you take advantage of all appropriate tax breaks and deductions while staying compliant with current tax regulations to avoid IRS scrutiny. We also  maintain consistent communication with you throughout the year to discuss business decisions that could have tax consequences. These comprehensive tax coaching services will increase business cash flow, build value into your practice, and help you preserve more of what you work so hard to earn.

Tax coaching for veterinarians:

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  • Strategic tax planning
  • Preserving wealth for practice owners
  • Increased personal and business cash flow
  • Accurate tax preparation for you and your practice
  • Financial consulting

Veterinary Practice Consulting

Leonard & Associates, CPA PLLC is dedicated to improving the financial health of veterinary practices throughout Charlotte. Our CPAs possess the skills and experience to provide high-level financial analysis for all types of veterinarians. We go beyond routine accounting and bookkeeping to offer services like benchmarking, new practice startup, and acquisition due diligence.

Veterinary Practice Benchmarking

Our benchmarking analysis of your veterinary practice will allow you to measure business performance and make operational improvements to increase profitability.

Veterinary Practice Startup

Our firm will advise you on proactive tax strategies, setup an accounting system, and will determine the best business structure for your new veterinary practice.

Acquisition Due Diligence

We perform due diligence reviews that prepare for the sale of a practice or a strategic acquisition and maximize the value of the transaction while minimizing taxes.

Pet Hospital Accounting

pet hospital CPAManaging accounting functions and tax compliance can be challenging for busy pet hospitals. Veterinarians who want to save money on taxes and keep their financials in order while they center their attention on patient care turn to Leonard & Associates, CPA PLLC. We provide outsourced veterinary accounting services and tax reduction strategies that save time and reduce tax liabilities.

Our vet CPA firm has extensive experience in the veterinary industry so we offer accounting and tax solutions that are custom-made for businesses like yours. You can count on us to keep your finances organized and accurate and deliver measurable results that show up in your bottom line. We'll help you monitor cash flow, track expenses, and add value to your practice. We'll also monitor changes in tax regulations and continually look for ways to minimize your tax burden.

Accounting services for veterinary hospitals:

Tax planning and coaching:

Practice management consulting:

Veterinary Clinic Accounting

Charlotte medical accountantVeterinary clinics that are busy working hard to provide top-notch pet care benefit from outsourcing their accounting and tax planning to Leonard & Associates, CPA PLLC.  We provide the accounting solutions and tax planning strategies your veterinary clinic needs to run smoothly and minimize taxes while you spend your time providing the best care possible to your patients.

Our CPA firm is experienced in working with veterinarians so we know how to provide the accounting support you need to keep your practice running smoothly. We’ll stay on top of your finances and provide detailed reports that will expose unnecessary expenses and preserve resources. To decrease your tax burden and maximize profits, we’ll develop a comprehensive strategy and adjust it as your practice grows. With us on your team, you’ll always know where your practice stands financially and will be free to run and grow your veterinary clinic.

Accounting services for veterinary clinics:

Tax planning and coaching:

Practice management consulting:

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Mixed Animal Veterinary Accounting

farm vet accountingVeterinarians working with a variety of patients including small pets, farm animals, and large animals often struggle to manage their finances. At Leonard & Associates, CPA PLLC, we provide the financial tools these veterinarians need keep up with daily accounting and the tax planning strategies to minimize tax obligations. You can be confident our vet CPA firm will understand your financial obstacles and concerns because we specialize in working with the veterinary industry.

When you become our client, we'll be by your side to skillfully manage your accounting and plan for the financial future of your veterinary practice. We'll not only keep your books in order and ensure your bills are paid on time but we'll uncover ways to reduce expenses and retain more of your profits. We'll also create a tax plan that ensures your practice is always in compliance with current tax legislation while taking advantage of every break and incentive available for veterinarians. With our support and guidance, you'll be equipped to build a longstanding veterinary practice and increase your personal wealth.

Accounting for farm animal veterinarians:

Tax planning and coaching:

Practice management consulting:

Veterinary Specialist Accounting Services

veterinary accountingLike any other niche industry, operating a specialty veterinary practice presents its own set of financial challenges. Turn to the accountants at Leonard & Associates, CPA PLLC for a vet CPA firm that knows how to effectively manage your accounting  functions and tax liabilities. We"re experienced in all aspects of accounting, consulting, and tax planning for this unique industry and together we'll drive your practice towards success.

Our goal is to efficiently manage your finances and tax obligations as your trusted business advisor. First, we'll ensure that your financial data is being tracked accurately by overseeing all your accounting and bookkeeping processes on our cloud-based system. To increase profits, we'll design a tax strategy that allows you pay minimal taxes while staying in compliance with current state and federal tax regulations. We'll also prepare regular financial reports that are easy to interpret and target extraneous expenses so you can cut costs and direct more revenue towards your bottom line. With our sound guidance and advice, your financial processes will run smoothly and your veterinary practice will increase in value.

Accounting for veterinarians:

Tax planning and coaching:

Practice management consulting: